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First Language Acquisition

What you know when you know a language?

Linguistic Competence: Is when someone does something but he doesn’t know how he does it. LC is ideas hidden of the knowledge.
Linguistic Performance: Is the way that we produce and comprehend language. We can see when other people realize and show all their potential in the language.

L.Competence: It is in your mine                                                                            L Performance
 It is revealed in your speech. You use Phonetics, Phonology, Morphology, Syntax, Semantics, and Pragmatics

·         Language is Systematic and it has many levels
  1. ·         It can be studied scientifically
  2. ·         Their systematic rules allow us to express infinitive ideas.
  3. ·         Language can vary systematically from person to person, region to region.
  4. ·         It has diversity, is universal and each language have its characteristics.
  5. ·         Children can learn acquire a language without they have been taught.
  6. ·         Language acquisition is something innate in the human being.
  7. ·         All language can change over time, whether speakers desire change it or not. 

 The Speech communication Chain: There are many types of communications systems
The key elements in any communication systems:
  1. ·         Information source
  2. ·         A transmitter
  3. ·         A signal
  4. ·         A receiver and a destination

What you know whom you know a language:
First, you know which sound are speech sounds and which sound are not
Second, you know which speech sounds are sounds of your language as opposed to some other language, and your sounds you can recognize them and produce too.
How you store your Linguistic Competence
Language only exists in the minds of its speakers.
Knowledge there is 2 parts: Lexico and Mental Grammar

Lexico: is a collection of all the word that you know.
Mental Grammar: It is made by rules
If you know a linguist you must remember that he thinks that grammar is a language system because it is a set of the entire element and rules but rules is just a statement of some pattern that occurs in a language.
The rules are in our mental grammar and these help us to produce well-formed utterance and to interpret the utterance of others.
Language Acquisition:
Children have this process because they learn a language without rules then they adquire a language because it is innate in the human being.
Language Variation: Is someone can understand other language at the same time. Because the second language is similar to his first language.

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